Dr Kyriaki Remoundou

kyriaki photo

Dr Kyriaki Remoundou is a Associate Director at Blue Island Consulting Ltd.

Kyriaki has been an Associated Director at Blue Island Consulting Ltd since 2016 and is a Senior Lecture in Economics at Aberystwyth University’s Business School.She holds a PhD in Economics from the Athens University of Economics and Business. Her research interests lie in the area of Environmental and Resource Economics and include the economic valuation of ecosystem services, the determinants of human well-being and the role of culture in shaping environmental preference and economic behaviour. She has also worked as a research associate at the Centre for Rural Economy, Newcastle University.

Projects that she has been involved in include: valuation of upland rivers in Wales (NERC-funded Duress project); Valuing forest ecosystem services in Madagascar (NERC / ESPA-funded  P4GES project); Valuing forest ecosystem services in Indonesia (GII-funded project); Valuing Irish river ecosystem services (Irish EPA ESMange project); Economic impact of infrastructure investments in UK navigable rivers (Defra-funded project).